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We serve the planning, finance, development, valuation and asset management needs of public and private enterprise in the hospitality, tourism, retail, office, residential and a variety of institutional sectors.


To develop and execute practical business management solutions applying accepted theory and adopted practice standards, using the most cost effective information technologies and decision support methods available.


Market Value Planners was established in 1990 to provide advisory services in finance, planning, development and asset management; attest services in valuation, feasibility and economic impact analysis; and counsel in financial operations, controllership and treasury management.


Our clients are for-profit and not-for-profit enterprises and public agencies engaged in the hospitality, tourism, retail, housing, transportation, healthcare and education sectors.  Clients are typically in a development stage, emerging growth, transition, or reorganization phase of their operations.


Our consulting teams are decision and execution oriented with significant career accomplishments as corporate or public agency senior executives or designated professionals.

    Practice Values

Our practice is conducted on the principle that the cornerstone of value in the delivery of professional services is the strict adherence to recognized ethical and practice standards.  Clients are assured:

  • Competence in the performance of all assignments;

  • Confidentiality of information within the disclosure requirements of law;

  •  Integrity in the conduct of client relationships, free from any real or apparent conflict of interest; and

  •  Objectivity in reporting all information, recommendations and independent professional opinions.

We support professional certification and designation in the disciplines of our practice and encourage the concept of peer review by licensing and professional bodies associated with these disciplines because we believe our clients and the public are entitled to an objective basis for measuring standards of performance in the delivery of professional services.

Market Value Planners, 3000 Danville Blvd., Suite 401, Alamo, CA 94507:  Phone;  925-838-3280  Fax;  925-743-0843  E-Mail;  epcmvp@aol.com

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